School Uniform

Foxborough Primary School


School Uniform


  • Grey long trousers or grey tailored short trousers, grey knee length skirt or pinafore dress.
  • White polo shirt
  • Burgundy Sweatshirt or Cardigan with school logo (available from school supplier)
  • Grey or black socks with trousers, grey, black or white socks or tights with skirt
  • Black, plain, sensible, flat heeled shoes or boots (not trainers, plimsolls or shoes that look like trainers as these are inappropriate for everyday wear).  Footwear should be plain with no adornments or accessories e.g. coloured, glittery, shiny, studded or decorated sections


Summer Uniform

  • Pink/white checked dress for summer term only


For PE and Games:

  • School PE Top (available from school supplier)
  • black shorts
  • Trainers or plimsolls for outdoor activities


For Swimming


  • Plain swimming trunks or shorts for the boys
  • Plain one-piece swimming costumes for the girls


PE Kits should be worn all day on the day your child has a PE lesson

Please mark all clothing with your child’s name, making it easier to return if it gets lost.


Uniform can be purchased from:

Goyals of Maidenhead

28 Bridge Street





Opening Hours:

Mon-Friday: 9-5pm

Saturday: 9-5pm

Sun: Closed


Phone: 01628 639725