Parent Feedback

Here are some comments made by parents about Foxborough Primary School:

Year 3 Stay and ….  18th May  2018

 “Thanks for inviting me to see my child and how he is learning”

“I found text map session and storytelling really useful to try at home”

“I Enjoyed learning with children and learning and understanding how they learn using text maps”

“An interesting way for me to understand how to teach my son at home”

“Brilliant way to learn how my child is learning at school and gives ideas for teaching at home”

“Very interesting to learn how text map works”

“It’s very interesting to do these sessions with my son”

Nursery Stay and ….  11th May 2018

“My child has now started to enjoy coming to Nursery.  Today she has enjoyed the session especially because I was there”

“Well organised and enjoyable”

“Mum and Dad did activities with Tanya and had a good time”

“Thank you for the opportunity to stay and see Lillie-Mae in the Nursery environment, it was a lovely experience Lillie-Mae really enjoys Nursery and  loves her teachers”

“I really enjoyed this activity today”

“It is a good idea to do this kind of work with the children, I would like to come again”

“Lovely to watch my child be creative, I will enjoy watching her progress and learn more on future visits”

“Today we are very happy with our chid.  I really enjoyed today, keep it up – Thanks”

Year 4 Stay and Session… 4th May 2018

“I have enjoyed writing with my child and see enthusiasm in their learning and it is a helpful and enjoyable way to help and encourage my child to enjoy learning about imagination and creation in their work”

“It was interesting to see how my daughter is learning and how to help her more at home and understanding how to ask her questions to make up the story etc.”

“I really enjoy stay and sessions with my daughter, thank you for inviting parents”

“Very good to see my daughter’s progress”

“It was a great session. I have learnt an interesting way to support my child at home and improve his imagination”

“Great opportunity to join the children in their English lesson and to learn about the essential tools that they need to be employing, especially given the recent changes in the curriculum”

“Enjoyed the visit.  Like the effort the teaching staff take for creative writing”

Year 1 Stay and ….  16th March 2018

 “I enjoy being able to spend time with my children see what they are learning in class”

“I will now know how to help my child with maths - very useful session”

“It was very helpful learning what my child was doing in class and how to help her”

“I enjoyed the work with my child”

“It has been very interesting learning with my son, I have learnt different ways to do maths”

“Very useful activity, I am very content”

KS1 SAT’s Workshop – 15th March 2018

“Well explained by the teacher”

“The information was great, it helped me to understand the level of test”

“I enjoyed the workshop, thanks for your help”

“I really liked that the workshop was very helpful, thank you for inviting us in”

“I really liked this workshop because of this we can help our children in a better way, thank you”

“Well presented nice, easy and simple. Great”

“It’s quite helpful, thank you”

“Thank you, very informative”

Year 3 Stay and ….  2nd February 2018

“I thoroughly enjoyed the stay and multiply session, nice morning”

“Wonderful experience, thank you for the opportunity”

“We enjoyed the stay and multiply, we had a lovely time today, thank you”

“Fun morning, fun way to learn multiplication, thank you”

“Fun morning, enjoyed”

“I found the session good because I found out what my child is learning”

“Really enjoy maths and making a game with my child”

“Useful and informative”

 “I am happy all school staff are very nice, both of my children are very happy.  The stay and session is a good way to tell parents what is happening in school”

“I enjoyed working with Adam, this has encouraged me to try this work at home with him.  We enjoyed working on these problems together”

“Great to get involved with my child’s learning”

“It’s great coming to the stay sessions and seeing what Pixie is learning and being able to join in and have fun with it”

 “It was fun practising times tables with the kids.  The kids were happy to do the times tables with the parents in school”

“Learnt other ways for my child to learn maths from different methods”

“I really enjoyed stay and multiply, found some useful tips to support my child to learn her times tables”

“Very useful tips to practice times tables at home”

“Enjoyed making games with my child, it helps them learn and they enjoy it.  Helps them understand maths more easily”

“The card game was really informative and fun”

“I want to learn more”

“Thanks you for all the support”

“Very innovative and interactive”

“Today my child did very well”

“Cayden loves it when I come into school to do something with him”

Year 6 Stay and ….  26th January 2018

“I enjoyed the session – thank you”

“Had a really nice time”

“Very good session, thoroughly enjoyed it”

“Very interesting session and I enjoyed learning how my daughter is taught at school”

“I like the events with the children”

“It was a good chance to learn about how maths class is going on”

Year 4 Stay and Session… 19th January 2018

“Very interesting to see how the children are learning maths and the different methods taught”

“Very enjoyable, really good”

“I like the collaboration of work in the team”

“Thank you for inviting us, we understand more now on how to help”

“Excellent class – great teacher. I enjoyed it”

“Very educational, good insight to what the children are learning in maths”

“I found today’s session very informative”

“Really interesting helped me to help my daughter”

“Very good”

“It’s been a great session understanding what the children are learning in maths and what they need to improve on”

Year 5 Stay and Session… 12th January 2018

“I had lots of fun working with my son and his friends.  It was great to experience my child’s lesson.  Miss Hummel gave us useful suggestions to help our children”

“Good, a better way to learn”

“I really enjoyed it”

“I like the stay and sessions and gained lots of knowledge”

“Interesting to see what my child is learning”

“I enjoyed staying and learning with my child”

“I found this very helpful, it helped me understand what Zak should be learning or what he should have learnt and I was able to work through the sums – more Please”

“We enjoyed the stay and session, very useful tips to help our children to learn”

“I enjoy coming and seeing my child learning and having 1 to 1 time”

“We had a lovely and challenging maths session, it’s nice to see how the kids are getting on”

“I enjoyed coming to school and seeing what the children do in lessons”

“I enjoyed doing work with my child”

“I think the school is good”

Year 1 Stay and ….  24th November 2017

 “I enjoy coming to these sessions so you can see how the children write and read”

“I enjoyed staying and reading and my son also enjoyed it as he likes reading.  I would like more of these sessions”

“I had a good time and enjoyed.  I listened to the teacher explaining everything very clearly”

“I really enjoyed listening to my daughter reading and helping her fill out her review.  It was also good hearing how well other children were reading”

“It was nice to see how my child is working in school.  He enjoyed the story, and it as fun to do the review”

“I enjoyed reading books with the children”

“Whilst having a good time, I had a chance to get to know how the children work”

“Good activity with the children, I learnt more on how to guide my child so that his reading can improve”

“I always enjoy coming to the stay and do sessions.  A lovely way to get an insight of what the children are doing in school”

Year 2 Stay and …  17th November 2017

 “It was good to read with my daughter, we should do this more”

“Amazing session”

“I really enjoyed this session”

“Really useful for me to come and read with my daughter”

“My son grew in confidence with his reading, very beneficial to see how he gets on in school”

 “Fun learning with the kids”

 “Thank you for your support, I am very happy”

“It’s good to see the children in the school environment, they are so different reading in the school setting – Keep it up”

 “I really enjoyed reading with my daughter”

“I always enjoy coming to see my son at stay and sessions”

Year 6 Stay and ….  13th October 2017

 “It was lovely to spend time with my daughter to see her progress and understand reading eggs more and other learning strategies.”

“Brilliant morning, kids loved spending time with their parents, and parents enjoyed joining in.”

“Very good session.  Well thought through, I enjoyed it very much.”

“I really enjoyed this stay and session.”

Coffee Morning 6th October 2017

“It was a brilliant experience to enjoy some lovely cakes and tea with the school staff.  It turned out to be really informative.  I think we should have more coffee mornings and stay sessions to understand each other and get more chances to communicate”

 “The school has got a good environment for the children.  Teachers are very good and teaching methods are excellent.”

Year 4 Stay and … - 6th October 2017

“I have really enjoyed myself with this kind of session and I think it is very important to do more of this”

“Very well organised and a useful insight into what the children are learning”

“It really engaged my child, excellent! It helps the children improve their reading. Good work. Thank you”

“It was interesting to see what the children are doing”

“I enjoyed the reading session with my daughter. Thank you for having me”

“Very interesting learning, I really enjoyed the session”

“I enjoyed the reading session today, thank you”

Year 5 Stay and Read - 29th September 2017

“Thank you for having me to the stay and read session, it was a lot of fun”

“Today I came to the stay and read session – Very nice”

“I enjoyed working alongside my son”

“Really enjoyed it.  Loved seeing my daughter at school learning”

“I really enjoyed the stay and read session, even the children seemed to enjoy it.  The comic strip was a fun idea”

“Thanks for inviting the parents to attend with their children”

“Very creative, the children had a nice time and I received some very useful tips”

“I had a good time, also the story pictures helped the children understand”

“I had a wonderful session and enjoyed the engaging activity.  It was really great to see my son focused on the task”

“I had fun in the stay & read session with my son, thank you”

“I really liked this stay and session, I enjoyed it very much”

“I enjoyed making the comic story board with my daughter”

“I really enjoyed the session”

“I really enjoyed the session with my daughter and look forward to doing this again”

“I really enjoyed this hour, excellent work from everyone”


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