Windsor's Trevelyan teams up with two other schools in neighbouring Slough to form supertrust

Windsor's Trevelyan Middle School has teamed up with two others from Slough to form a new supertrust.

The popular school at Wood Close became part of the Upton Court Educational trust on Tuesday - making it the third partner in the trust alongside Upton Court Grammar School and Foxborough Primary School.

Trevelyan's membership means it can share experience and facilities with the other two, particularly on areas of primary to secondary phase transition as it uniquely has students aged nine to 13 as part of the three tier education system in Windsor.

Trevelyan will in turn benefit from the experience of Upton Court Grammar School with its excellent GCSE and A Level results, as well as Foxborough Primary School which is widely recognised for its accelerated improvement in standards.

Dr Mark Jervis, chairman of governors at Trevelyan Middle School: "This is an exciting step for Trevelyan. Working as the wider trust team pools our collective talent, ideas and resources; opening new opportunities for all to grow and flourish."

Philip Clark, Head Teacher of Trevelyan Middle School: “Working with like minded schools who will support and encourage each other will give our pupils improved outcomes and therefore better life chances and brighter futures.”

Mercedes Hernandez Estrada, executive principal of Upton Court Educational Trust, said “It is an honour to work with the governors, staff, children and parents at Trevelyan Middle School as I feel they share the same high expectations of the trust.”


Philip Clark and Mercedes Hernandez Estrada

07 Nov 2016