Learning Review Day


Learning Review Day 17th October 2018

On 17th  October 2018, Foxborough Primary School hosted its first Learning Review Day. 

Learning Review Day is run across all Pioneer Educational Trust schools and aims to:

- increase parental involvement in their children's learning

- encourage and support parents with helping their children learn and to achieve their potential

- allow teachers to work with parents and students when setting personalised targets for the year

- provide parents with interesting and insightful workshops such as: Home Learning, Mastering Maths, Talk for Writing, Phonics, Talk Homework, Art/Expressive Learning and Writing Development skills. 

Our first Learning Review Day was a great success and we are pleased to be able to share some of the feedback we received from our parents below: 

Maths Mastery Workshop

"We really enjoyed a great Maths Mastery Session! We would appreciate more sessions like this and feel that these will really contribute to each childs progress." R. Mitchell

"Today was a very informative day as it has given me awareness in my child's learning modules. I found it really helpful. Thank you." Mrs Tsungu

"The day was extremely helpful and gave me an understanding of what my child is doing in class and what she needs to do at home." - Mr C. Coker

"Learning Review Day was a great opportunity for me to see my child's understanding in Maths, English and Guided Reading. I think my child is doing really well! Thank you Miss Sanchez!" - Parent

"We found the Learning Review Day very helpful. We were able to see how the teachers use different techniques to teach and how the children learn. The workshops were exceptional and a great way of helping parents improve learning at home." - Mr and Mrs Taylor

"I really enjoyed it! I liked seeing the children's work, and going to the workshops." - C. Ayres

"I loved the environment and the teachers' support. The teachers are very helpful! This new workshop and meeting idea is brilliant!" - M. Dattoo

"Very useful sessions. Please arrange more Maths Mastery classes for parents! - P.

"I really enjoyed the Maths workshop as it helped me on my University assignment as the reasonign was explained." - Gyabs family

"The Maths Mastery Session today has given me a better understanding of Maths. It was great to see Maths has become more fun and practical; the techniques used are a much better approach. Thank you."  - K. 

"I think that this information was great! Can you continue to run these?" - M. Ahmad

"I am very pleased with the teachers. I am very satisfied with the developement of my son. I must say the teachers are doing a remarkable job." - A. Naeem

"I was really impressed by the presentation given by the teachers and the information provided regarding what the children learn in the class. Thank you! Keep it up!" - Parent

Nursery Workshop

"I really enjoyed this workshop! My children are very happy." - Nursery Parent

"We really enjoyed this activity. I am totally satisfied with the learning methods. I also learned how to teach my child different learning skills. The teacher was very co-operative. Thanks a lot!" - Mrs Ahmed

"This is a great activity at school for kids. They enjoyed really enjoyed the day and it was a great atmosphere. There were lots of things to do." - Mrs Saim

"I am very happy with the teachers. My daughter is really enjoying studying. I must say, the teachers are doing a really remarkable job." - Mrs Naeem

"The nursery had lots of activities ready for us. Well prepared and organised." - N. 

"A great session with activities for parents and children. I really appreciate the effort that went into this day. I am happy to see my child is taking an interest in certain activities and doing them independently. I am happy with the progress made in just a couple of weeks. Thank you for your effort." - Parent

"I really loved to see my child doing activities by herself and knowing that they now know the names of shapes. I am satisfied with the performance so far. Thank you!" - A. Morris

"We really enjoyed the activity today! My children are so happy. The nursery have a lot of activities. Thank you!" - Parent  

"It was good to find out what the children are doing and how they are learning: how to count and how to play with other children. I am very happy to know that the teachers care for the needs of my child and that my child is happy to be at school." - J. Davies