History of Foxborough

Foxborough Junior School opened in 1970 and was built on an eleven acre site that had previously been part of Foxborough Farm. The original farmhouse has survived and is situated in Foxborough Close. In those early days there were open fields at the back of the school and the children would spend time feeding the horses. There were only ten members of staff which included teachers, a head teacher and a secretary.

In 1973 an Infant school was added. The pupils came from the new homes on Common Road and Eden Close. These were built by the Greater London Council to house families from the London overspill. This was a government policy in reaction to housing shortages caused by enemy bombing in the Second World War and large amounts of sub-standard housing. In the 1980s the PTA raised money for an outdoor swimming pool. It took four years of fundraising and to keep the costs down the teachers helped by digging the foundations. After much hard work and cooperation they achieved their goal and provided a facility that was enjoyed by all that utilised it. 

Among our former pupils there is a neurosurgeon, a West End actor, teachers, army officers and recipients of first-class degrees from Oxford University. Over the years the buildings have been modernised, the school population has grown considerably and the children now come from a very diverse multicultural background. Despite all the changes, our aims and values remain the same.