Complex Needs Resource Base

The Den – A Complex Needs Resource Base

Foxborough is privileged to have a Complex Needs Resource Base which caters for the needs of up to eight pupils. The Den is managed and overseen by the SENCO and Inclusion Manager and pupils are supported individually by experienced and trained Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) who are dedicated to supporting pupils to develop all aspects of their learning within a caring and protective environment. Foxborough prides itself on being an inclusive school and all pupils that are attached to the Base are assigned to a mainstream class which they attend with the support of a one-to-one LSA; wherever possible pupils are integrated into mainstream so that they can have full access to all learning and opportunities.  The curriculum is taught at a level and pace appropriate to the children’s complex learning needs, with an emphasis on basic literacy, numeracy and social skills. Strengths are built upon and difficulties are addressed through group work and individual learning programmes.

The Den aims to provide an atmosphere where children feel secure and motivated, and where expected standards of behaviour are made clear. The staff work hard to develop each child’s self-esteem and their understanding of trust, respect and consideration for each other’s points of view. Pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and behaviour and move towards independence and self-reliance wherever possible.

We work alongside a number of external agencies who offer and share their knowledge and expertise with staff. We have support from Speech and Language Therapists, Educational Psychologists, Physiotherapists and the Sensory Consortium Services, among others. 

It is key to each child’s education and success to have a strong home-school relationship and each child has their own home/school book in which staff and parents can share information about the children.

Parent feedback is always welcomed. If you have any questions or queries about The Den, please contact the school to arrange a convenient time to meet with the Resource Base Manager. 

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